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Theliquidmerchant.com have developed a network of international buyers and suppliers worldwide, as well as a network of buyers within the UK, including major wholesalers, supermarkets, groups and chains within the on trade and off trade industry.

We source directly from producers and reputable distributors, ensuring quality and protection from potentially harmful or counterfeit products, as well as allowing favourable pricing.

Theliquidmerchant.com has in particular, developed strong partnerships with producers and buyers in Eastern Europe, including the Balkans, Russia and the CIS. If you wish to penetrate these markets, we can certainly help.

The most frequently traded products are :

Grocery, confectionery, bottled water, alcoholic beverages ( including wine, beer and spirits), non-alcoholic beverages ( including juices and carbonated drinks), personal hygiene products, basic foodstuffs ( including sugar, flour, oil, meat etc ), and many other products.

The product range changes daily, and we can source virtually anything you require. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for up to date pricing.  

Whatever it is you are looking for, we can probably source it !